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Thin circular blades

Super-hard processing of professional, special, non-standard, special shaped and ?new ?products with any kind, any shape and tolerance.
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Thin circular blades


Super-hard processing of professional, special, non-standard, special shaped and  new  products with any kind, any shape and tolerance.

If you have any similar inquiry, please fax us your address or call us to get samples in the photos and related catalogue for your reference (only a small amount is allowed).

We keep around RMB 20~3 0Million turnover stock articles such as raw material ,semi-     products, finished products in ordinary year , we are capable to produce according to     drawing or sample provided by customer, so as to present you a favorable cost-performance ratio…Welcome to visit our factory。




Our company produces many fiber blades, using the ultra micro-grain quality carbide material imported from Germany. Excellent material and the technology of the technical finish of cutting edge (using the imported Swiss optical grinding machine grinding finished ) makes the cutting edge plate and sharp. The cutting edge is grinded to mirror finish. If it is magnified to 500 times, the edge is a complete curve. The surface of the blade is smooth and rounded, without notch and denticles. We are mainly OEM for South Korea and Japan. There are many specifications to choose from, such as the one with 12 holes, the one with 16 holes and the one without holes. The quality of the product can be directly compared with imported quality. Test comparison: sharpness, wear resistance, as well as the easiness and quickness of cutting. It can make the cutting fiber unit slide freely, for example: inch-cut0.9mm, the fiber will be 10-16mm;0.25mm,the fiber 9-16mm .The blade life:36000fiber core(1000fiber core×12blade angle×3blade height).


The product has high quality and reasonable price and it can completely replace similar imported products. The fiber blade applys to Fiber Cleaver and Fiber Fusion Splicer with Furukawa (FURUKAWA), Fujikura (FUJIKURA), Sumitomo (SUMITOMO) and other brands home and abroad .


If you have DHL, TNT or other accounts, we can send you 2pcs sample freely for testing.


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